Permanently Erase All Data from iPhone 7/7 Plus

As we all know, iPhone has the function of automatic backup. So, if we delete the data in our iPhone directly, those data can be restored by some tools, just like iTunes. Therefore, when we want to sell a iPhone or buy a second-hand iPhone, the first thing that we should do is erase all data in it permanently.

iPhone 7 has been on the market for a month, my friend linked to a seller who wanted to sell a iPhone 7. But he had used it for a several days and downloaded some app. Then my friend asked me if there was any good way, which will be able to erase the iPhone 7 permanently. I recommended a software to him and now I will share it to you.

Dr.Fone for iOS
, a software can erase your iOS device simply and easily. It support all iPhone, iPad and iPod model and whatever the data is banking information, logins, emails, messages, photos, etc can be erased by one click. What's more, the program can recover data, recover system, backup & restore data and many functions.


Steps to Erase All Data from iPhone 7/7 Plus Permanently

Step 1. Launch Dr.Fone for iOS

Firstly, launch Dr.Fone for iOS. Then choose "More Tools" and click "iOS Full Data
Eraser". Don't forget connect your iPhone to computer with a USB cable.

Step 2.
Start to erase your iPhone

When the program recognize your iOS device, click "Erase" to continue the step. Because once the data has been erased, it is impossible that want to recover it. The program need you enter "delete" to confirm it again. If you confirm it, enter the word and click "Erase now".

Step 3.
Wait the erase process

Just the erasing process begins, you don't need to do anything, the program will do it automatically, but you must keep your device connected. When the data erasure completed, the program will display you "Erase completely". Now you will have a iPhone/iPad/iPod that like a new one.

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