How to Permanently Erase All Data from iPhone 4S/4

Recently, the Apple Corp released a small screen mobile phone iPhone SE. Its advanced configuration has attracted a lot of Iphone users. It uses the latest A9 processor. RAM also take advantage of the opportunity to upgrade to 2GB. In addition, it supports the latest WiFi standards, 4G standards have also been promoted. Many mobile phone users are willing to replace iPhone as their own new mobile phone. Many iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S users have said they want to through the Apple Corp "TM" activities to replace a new iPhone SE. But in order to protect their privacy, they want to completely remove the old phone data. And what is it going to do? How to permanently erase all content on iPhone 4S/4 without restore?

iOS SafeEraser is a good software. It can help you to completely remove the phone data, including messages, call history, FaceTime, contacts, mail, calendar, reminders, notes, voice memos, Safari bookmarks, photos, videos, apps, system settings and so on. It also can optimize the storage space of the IOS device so that your device has more space. It is a trusted data to wipe out the software, fast to use it!


Steps to Permanently Erase All Content from iPhone 4S/4

Step 1. Launch the iOS SafeEraser and Connect Your iPhone

After you download and install iOS SafeEraser. Then, double-click the icon to run it. Then, use the USB line to connect your old iPhone to your computer.

Step 2. Choose a Wiping Mode

Select the feature which you need. For you, you need to completely remove your phone data, so, please click on the side of the first icon, that is “Erase All Data”.

Step 3. Completely Erase Your iPhone 4S/4

Waiting for the program to scan your phone. After the scan is complete, all of your files will be displayed in the window. You can browse the files if you need to delete them completely. After the confirmation, click “Erase Now".

Tip: If you use iOS SafeEraser to delete files completely, you will not be able to recover them by any means. So before you do this, you'd better back up the data on your phone to your computer.

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