How to Delete All Data from iPhone Before Selling Permanently

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iPhone News

Not to bend? The new iPhone may be made of aluminum alloy watch.

Aluminum Sport on Apple Watch

Apple-related industrial chain came news of the latest iPhone, might spend 7000 series aluminum alloy material on Apple Watch Sport to strengthen the body.

In September last year, after 6 and 6 Plus iPhone release, there have been "bend the phone" message, even though Apple has not directly admit it, but the industrial chain came news that Apple's iPhone this year will strengthen the use of update The aluminum alloy to strengthen the body strength.
Sources said Apple may adopt a higher level of 7000 series aluminum, this material has appeared in the sports version Apple Watch. If true, the next generation iPhone (perhaps called 6s) body hardness can therefore be increased by 60%, while the density is only 1/3 of stainless steel, but it may also lead to more complex shell CNC machining.

Sport in Apple Watch, case processing and have been careful polishing, coupled with a zirconium oxide particles spray pressure, create a uniform fine texture and resistance to scratching and corrosion.
It seems that the degree of relevance and influence each other mutually different before Apple's product line continues to improve.

Taiwan-based manufacturer of metal failed to reach the Apple Watch this chassis supply chain, mainly due to insufficient capacity. The firms said metal chassis in all aspects of materials, design, etc. have a high degree of difficulty, HTC One M9 because the use of two-color surface treatment significantly increased complexity.

In addition to mobile phones, laptop body is constantly progress towards integration of materials, carbon fiber material currently still difficult to replace aluminum position, because aluminum can adapt to diverse processing requirements.

How to Delete All Data from iPhone Before Selling

Delete data from iPhone before selling it

"At that time I replace my iPhone 5 with iPhone 6 plus, I think the screen of iPhone 6 is too small, so I chose the bigger screen iPhone 6 plus. But now I have a little regret, and I think the Small screen iPhone 6 is more suitable for me, therefore, I want to buy another iPhone 6, and resell my iPhone 5 to my friend. But I was looking for a secure way to permanently erase data from iPhone 5 on Windows before reselling it, which without restore. I tried a lot of ways, including restoring to factory settings, however, it is disappointing that many of private data can still being recovered by a recovery tool. I just want to ensures that my information is ended at my hand regardless of whose hands my device falls into. How can I wipe all iPhone data on Windows without restore, please help!"--Ask by Sunny

The Best Way to Delete iPhone Data Permanently with iPhone Data Eraser without Restore

Permanently Erase Everything Stored on iPhone with this iPhone Data Eraser software,which allows you permanently erase everything from iPhone before selling,it support erase everything on iPhone permanently,as well as iPod or iPad within several clicks. Then all your data, including account credentials, app data and documents are gone forever. No data recovery software available on the market can recover a single piece of your data on your sold device. Your data is 100% in private!

Next, let us show you the easily way to erase all data on your iPhone permanently

But first, you need to download the free trail version for free below:


How to Delete All Data from iPhone Before Selling Permanently

Step 1 Run the iPhone Data Eraser on your computer

Download the .exe file from below download link and double-click the file to begin installation process. There is a built-in wizard guiding you through the entire process. After that, the software will be opened automatically and a shortcut will display on computer desktop.

Step 2 Connect iPhone to a PC and Select Right Earsing Option

Plug the iPhone to computer via USB cable. The program will detect the device once it was well connected. Then you can proceed to the next step. However, if the program can’t detect the device, please make sure iPhone USB driver and iTunes are installed properly on the computer.

Note: The program offers 4 erasing option for your different demands: "EXPRESS CLEANUP", "ERASE PRIVATE Data", "ERASE DELETED FILES" and "ERASE ALL DATA". You can select the appropriate option and give it a try. As we want to erase everything stored on the iPhone, so the first method is preferred in this case. Select Erase All Data from the sidebar, which leads to the next step.

Step 3 Start Analyzing and Scanning the Data on Your iPhone.

In this step, it will automatically analyze and scan all your deleted files in your iPhone device; generally it takes few minutes to complete the process depending on the file. After scanning – select the deleted data to view detailed information on the file.

Step 4 Preview and Erase All your iPhone data

After scanning, all deleted data will be scanned out and presented as details, by default, all files will be selected. Unselect the files you wish to keep.

Step 5 Start Erasing Everything on iPhone

Input 'delete ' and click Start Button to confirm that you are going to erase all the data on the iPhone. Then the program starts erasing apps, music, videos, photo, contacts, SMS and other files stored on the device. It only takes a few minutes to complete the task.

 iOS Data Eraser Wins                  iOS Data Eraser Mac

Tips: Before use this iPhone data eraser software to wipe all iPhone data,you can get them back any more.However,please rememberbackup your important contents from iPhone to computer,here,we recommend you use this iPhone backup software,which allows you transfer contacts,sms,photos,videos and other data to computer directly without data losing.


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How to Permanently Erase Data from iPhone Before Selling



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