iOS Data Eraser To Permanent Erase Apps From iPhone iPad And iPod Touch

Part 1: iOS News: Apple will use a new aluminum alloy to avoid bending
Part 2: How to Erase Apps From iPhone iPad And iPod Touch
Part 3: More Related Tutorials


iOS News: Apple will use a new aluminum alloy to avoid bending

Many users complained that iPhone6 ​​Plus iPhone 6Plus easy to bend more at the cost of many of the great God to do the test, it can be said after bending event occurs, it is so many people for the quality of the new iPhone is full of worry. Now according to the latest rumors, Apple is trying to further strengthen the product strength, trying to avoid similar problems from happening again.

According to rumors, Apple will use a new aluminum alloy as the body structure to ensure it does not bend easily. Although there is no specific message appears Apple will use what kind of metal, but we hope we can put on the strength indeed assured to ensure that no problems in daily use.

If Apple's next-generation iPhone uses materials and iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus is completely different, then it means and are less likely to appear soon in the product. After all, if Apple continues to follow the rhythm of two substantial adjustments for product design, then the possibility of seeing this new design materials on this year's iPhone 6s not large. In addition, factors that had a curved door iPhone is also a lot of speculation, especially after the recent listing of a large number of Android flagship, after tests found, iPhone 6 and Android devices on the strength basically the same, but not only it is more likely that only iPhone 6 bent.

Currently everything is just hearsay statement also stage, but we also really hope that Apple iPhone can improve the strength of the material. As to whether the rumors come true, have to wait until next time, when Apple released the new iPhone revealed the answer.


How to Permanent Erase Apps From iPhone iPad And iPod Touch

“I am having trouble getting rid of some of my iPad apps permanently. It would be fully appreciated if you can help me solve the problem“

It is normal for iPhone users to delete items from iPhone, either to free up space or just remove something unwanted. However, it seems it's much easier to install apps, send messages, take pictures, play videos and songs than delete apps, messages, photos, videos, songs, other files and file caches on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Foruntately, by spending a few seconds on this article, you can delete something you want.

In this case, the effective way to delete apps is of vital importance. iOS Data Eraser is such a powerful tool for you to delete apps which you don't want to use any more. With iOS Data Eraser, the operation is permanent, so the deleted apps can not be recovered any longer even by any Data Recovery software.

Free download the iOS data eraser tool, and wipe everything on iPhone iPad iPod touch now.


What You Should Do Before Wiping Your Apps On iDevices:

1. Backup data from iPhone to PC or iTunes, as well as iPad and iPod touch.
2. After installation, run iOS Data Eraser on your computer.
3. Connect your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch via USB cable to your Windows computer/Mac.

Part 1: Clean Up Junk Files, Cache, Cookies For Apps On Your iPhone iPad or iPod Touch

Step 1. Click "Export Cleanup" in the left sidebar

Step 2. Click "Start Scan" to start analyzing and scanning the data on your device.

Step 3.  After the scan is complete, the total amount of junk files will be displayed. Select the junk files you’d like to erase. Click Erase now to remove the junk files selected.

Note: To ensure that the junk files are accurately junk, click the blue file size button where you can view file details. For more detail on the file, click the expand icon. Click on the individual app cache file for even more detailed information.

Part 2: Permanent Delete All Apps from iPhone iPad or iPod Touch

Step 1. Choose the right option on your device

Click 'Delete All Data' in the left sidebar of the program. On the right, type 'delete' in the box as required. And then click 'Erase Now'.
Attention: The feature 'Delete All Data' will not only deleting apps from your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, but other personal information, like contacts, photos, videos, call history, mail, facetime, reminder, notes, and more, setting your device as a new device with its original settings. So, you'd better backup data from your iPhone to PC before wiping, as well as iPad and iPod touch.

Note: There are three choices available for you to delete your data. Among the "High, Medium, Low", you are recommended to choose the "Medium" level, which takes the moderate time in deleting.

When the deleting process is over, your device will become a completely new one. You can import the data that you previously backed up to your iOS device and enjoy it as you wish.


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