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iPhone News: What's the users wanted on the new iOS 9 beta

Recently, Reddit launched a campaign, allowing users to talk about what new features and improvements they want to see in the coming iOS 9 beta. The following is the popular item:

· Profiles: Functional machine age everywhere, but now can not find a different tone, volume, the switch can only be switched separately. Although actually quite easy, but if they can enter a conference mode, outdoor mode, I believe still very popular.

· Music applications: OS X iTunes in many features like transplant if they can, for example, play a different order and not just a playlist. Many people think, iOS music player features a single, large redesigned space.

· Multi-user login: especially with fingerprint recognition after different people use the same one iOS device, they can enter their own landing environment, have their own settings, applications, without disturbing each other. Android tablet and mobile phones have it.

· Control Center: Too many people want to switch the custom here, and some even want to replace it with their favorite applications out of which the default (flashlight, calculator, clock, and cameras), for around for third-party tools.

F.lux: This is an automatically adjusting the color temperature of the software on a Mac OS X, you can change the screen temperature according to the local sunshine time, protect the eyes.

· Game Center: iOS 8 who used to get rid of, but the chicken is still retained. Apple either put it away, or to transform into a Steam like that.

· XCode for iOS: This is the developers and geeks want.

· Arrange Icons by: iOS desktop icons must be neatly arranged in the ranks together, can not be left blank, which is not as good as Android free.

· Desktop Widgets: Android is a very interesting place, Apple will do it?

· Redesigned for the iPad: have to say, iOS at the big screen, high-resolution still has a lot to do, especially in multi-window support, you can not always get away magnified.

· More Improvements: Many existing features in fact be further improved, Apple want to see, and for example: Better SHIFT key, the system-level night mode, true multitasking, and even delete hidden preloaded applications, native support GIF, etc.


How to Free Up Space on iPhone iPad & iPod Touch

If your iPhone run slow,how do you free up storage on my iPhone? Are you searching for a system cleaning and optimization tool for ios to speed up and free up space/storage on iPhone? Is your iPhone increasingly sluggish than the time you got it because of running out of free space? The longer you use your device, the slower it gets. Why? That's because a lot of apps are occupying a large amount of storage space on iPhone over time which slows down your device significantly.

Please do not worry, here I suggest you iOS Data Eraser which can help you solve the issue about how to how to free up space on iPhone iPad and iPod touch, and make your iOS device act in a smooth way. Just download it and follow the steps below to see how it works.


How to Free Up Space on iPhone iPad and iPod Touch

Step 1. Install iPhone Data Eraser and connect iPhone with the computer
Download and launch the iPhone Data Eraser on the computer first. Then connect iPhone to your computer with a cable. Entering the software, your iPhone can be detected automatically.

Step 2. Scan Your iPhone for Cache 

Click on “Express Cleanup” in the left column. In the window, you can see how many days have gone by since the last time your device was cleaned and the storage space available on your device. Then click the “Start Scan” button to begin scanning your device for junk files. This will cost you a few seconds.

Step 3. Choose the Cache to Clear Them up 

After the scanning is complete, the total amount of junk files include “Log Files”, “Photos/Videos Cache Files” etc. will be displayed. You can select the junk files you’d like to erase. You can also click the blue file size button to view the file details. Click “Erase now” to clear all the cache. After the clearing finish, you can see the size of files which are removed.


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