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iPhone News  

Why buy Apple LinX? Black iPhone imaging technology to help the next level

Apple recently acquired a little-known company LinX Imaging. What makes the deal a "Apple in recent months, the most important an acquisition"?

Let's take a look at LinX depth it gives the company's technology and future aspects of what the iPhone camera.

In order to enhance the color values: the projection of the camera is no longer

LinX primarily for mobile devices porous camera, compared to single-hole camera, porous camera has many advantages, including the use of smaller cameras the ability to shoot high-quality photos. Porous compact camera has a plurality of sensors, and only a single hole large camera sensor, that is no longer porous camera takes a long shot.

Apple does not want to sacrifice image quality in iPhone 6 and 6 Plus slim camera body had to make a bump, but with LinX provides technical, Apple's iPhone will be able to make flat back later. LinX multi-sensor technology can shorten the height of the existing camera 1.4 to 2 times. LinX which a two-hole camera than 5S camera thin out a lot, they also claim that this camera can put even thinner than the iPhone device.

In order to enhance the quality: to catch SLR

LinX last June released their mobile devices designed for the latest version of porous camera, official documents show that they order to improve the image quality and the use of a variety of ways, stressed that "quality" is the first element of their design.

LinX called quality level SLR camera is that they will provide ultra-low noise performance and can capture more detail than single-hole camera. They LinX 800-megapixel camera with two holes to shoot some photos to prove the above statement. 8,000,000 holes camera is composed of two 4 million pixel sensor composed of a single pixel size of 2.0 microns, the use of back-illuminated design. The following proofs will work with iPhone 5s (equipped with 8 million hole camera, a single pixel size 1.5 micron), iPhone 5 and other mobile phone to compare.

Details must have: the ability to enhance noise reduction

LinX camera captures images brighter and clearer, the noise is very low. After amplification, LinX photos show more detail.

Indoor lighting

The figure is taken in moderate ambient light illumination between 40 50lux, similar to a well-lit restaurant. LinX sensor than the iPhone 5 and Samsung S4 can receive more light, clear and sharp pictures, very little noise.

Low-light environments

LinuX by using a multi-channel technology to improve the camera in low-light environments ability to capture the details. This feature is the camera in low light conditions significantly shorten the exposure time to prevent prolonged exposure, blur caused by camera shake. In 1lux illumination performance LinX of holes 8 million camera surprising.

Excellent low light imaging also attributed Clear Pixels technology, which is in standard red - green - blue pixels based on the filters, transparent filter was added to form a red - green - blue - transparent combinations. Transparent filter allows a single pixel absorb more light, eliminating the need to increase the area of a single pixel to do this to ensure that the high resolution sensor. Thus, LinX not required to make the compromise between the pixel size and resolution, even with a smaller pixel size, similarly to capture enough light.

And ... this is black Technology: Three-dimensional model of the depth map

As a result of the porous design, LinX camera can accurately measure different image difference between the sub-pixel, to thereby create a depth of field image of the scene. Depth information on every single pixel and red - green - blue information, LinX camera using only a photograph can create a three-dimensional image of the specified area, if you want to create a complete three-dimensional model, just photos of various angles.

Based on individual photos to create a three-dimensional image

This technology is interesting is that you can have many uses. People can use depth of field mapping, only by taking pictures, you can make three-dimensional scanning of objects. Depth of field mapping can determine the distance image items and goods between specific dimensions through photographs (perhaps on the indoor mapping will help). Depth of field mapping also allows photo post-focus, with synthetic blur to simulate different depth of field. In the post-editing, these information for the photo to add or remove items will be of great help.

LinX depth of field mapping

LinX currently what's products?

LinX a variety of camera types, each of which has a corresponding application scenarios. 1x2 camera uses two sensors, a color, a black and white, which provides low-quality image depth of field, low-light environments outstanding performance, excellent image quality.

2x2 series camera provides high-quality, high dynamic range image depth of field, low-light performance, but the quality is generally excellent.

1 + 1x2 series of holes lens provides depth of field images, and can provide information on the focus, the camera has the speed to get the main focus performance in low-light environments.

Apple how integration and LinX?

It is unclear what will happen to Apple LinX technology being integrated into their devices. Earlier rumors that Apple will be on the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus to make major upgrades to the camera, we are likely to see on the camera using LinX technology, Apple products this year.

According to the website Flickr data, iPhone is the world's largest number of camera to use, it also allows the Apple iPhone's camera in a great effort. Apple's tireless pursuit for quality camera features allow iOS devices is far ahead of the competition, on LinX acquisition will allow a higher level of quality of Apple products.

How to Delete Everything on iPhone

"Hi there. Any one knows how I can remove all the data on my iPhone 5S? I mean, like totally erase them. Here is the thing: I am giving it to my little Brother, so I would like to wipe the phone clean. But, only my photo albums won’t delete. What can I do? "


Want to erase data on iPhone and free up space on iPhone. Here we recommend you iPhone Data Eraser for a try. iPhone Data Eraser can help you delete everything from iPhone permanently: contacts, messages, photos, videos, apps, account info, passwords and other personal data stored on iDevices. And in three security standards, free you from info leak concerns.

To Delete everything on iPhone, you can go to General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings. But, this is not safer than just leaving the photos in your iPhone, because the files can still be restored with software like iPhone Data Recovery. To clean up the messages, call history, facetime, contacts and the other up-to-24 documents and prevent them from being retrieved, you will probably need this, iPhone Data Eraser.

Now you can download the trail version below just follow the easy steps to delete everything on your iPhone.


-Clean all your iPhone files, including photos, account passwords, contacts, etc.
-Wipe your data on your iDevices via 4 modes along with 3 erasing levels
-Supports all iOS devices, including iPhone, iPad, iPod
-Permanently delete your files from iDevice and prevent them from being recovered
-This software is not only compatible with iPhone, but also supports other Apple digital devices like iPod Touch and iPad. It even works with the carrier-locked iPhone and jail-broken iPad. So it is also regarded as an ideal iOS "cleaner" application.

Step by Steps to Delete Everything on iPhone:

Step 1 Install and Run iPhone Eraser Program

Download the software through above link and install it on a computer with built-in wizard. The software will be launched automatically when the installation is completed. Then plug your iPhone into the computer via Apple unique USB cable. The program recognizes the device immediately once it’s well connected. Make sure iTunes is pre-installed on the computer. The main screen is shown like follows:

Currently, there are four earsing options available: "Express Cleanup" "Erase Private Data" "Erase Deleted Files" and "Erase All Data".

Step 2. Confirm that You Want to Delete Everything on iPhone 5S

The security level is usually set at "Medium". That means erasure is untraceable. If you want to change it, click the word "Medium" and you will see this.

Tap "Ok" if you have finished the setting. Fill the box with the word "delete" and then press "Erase Now".

Step 3. Wait until All iPhone Files are Wiped

This may cost some time. And if your software is an unpaid version, it can only get rid of the cache of your music app and video app.

If you find this article helpful, please spread the word by making use of the social platform icons. Do not hesitate to leave us comments concerning iPhone Data Eraser.



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  1. To delete everything from iPhone, pro iPhone Data Eraser tool is helpful. With it, all things on your iPhone like contacts, text messages, photos, call history, password, account info, etc. can be 100% erased with one click.