How to Delete iMessage Messages and Attachments on iPhone

Why so many iOS device users like using iMessage on theirs iPhone?

iMessage is Apple's instant messaging software, you can send text messages, video, etc., which has a very high security. Unlike iMessage operator SMS / MMS, users need only a network via WiFi or 3G data support, we can complete the communication. iMessage use the iOS, Mac os new message reminder system, information can be pushed directly to each other on the screen, regardless of the other is in the game or lock screen, if both sides are using iMessage, you can even see the other person is speaking state.

Enjoy exchange text, photos, videos

Use iMessage, you can use with any iPad, iPhone, iPod touch users or shipped Mountain Lion Mac users to send and receive information, you can also send pictures, video, location and contact information. If you have more than one Apple device, iMessage maintain an ongoing dialogue on all devices. Also, you can send text messages, photos and videos to other phones via the cellular network. And even let Siri to help you send text messages. Just say, "Mary told me on the way", Siri will help you write and send messages.

A written, we receive

You can send a single message to a person, or sending information simultaneously to many friends, and may be accompanied by your favorite photos, videos, or links. Everyone's reply, we will see. The more people, the more information is received, drunkenly made it! You use the iMessage, information sent through each WLAN is free.

Information received yet

Know that information sent has been read, is received, it will be reassuring. iMessage can tell you whether the information has been delivered, if the recipient has read receipts enabled, you'll see a message read receipt message. When someone is reply, iMessage also display status information, so that you can naturally smoothly continue the dialogue.

Blue, your favorite color

On the iPhone, when text is blue instead of green bubbles, you know: they're using iMessage instead of SMS; you'll quickly receive a reply; text message dialogue is free of charge; text message has been sent to All Apple devices recipient; and the other party has received the text message, so that the use of SMS control SMS services know, it will be green with envy to face.

How to Delete iMessage Messages and Attachments

During your using iMessage to sending messages with your friends and family, it's inevitably to produced many cache on your iPhone memory.

"The Documents & Data has swollen 3.7GB of my iPhone, and it's all because of iMessage (or at least the hundreds of photos contained within the threads. Is there a way I can save these conversations but scrub them of the images within them?" - David.

In the case the user mentioned above, the solution is pretty easy. Just follow the steps below to delete unwanted message and attachments in iMessage.

Step 1. Click the Messages icon on your iPhone to reveal all the conversion on your iPhone.

Step 2. Delete iMessage messages and message attachments: To delete a whole conversion, you should click the Edit button on the top left. And then click the little red circle in the left side for each conversion to enable the Delete option on the right. Click Delete to remove the whole conversation. 

To delete part of a conversation or iMessage attachment, click a conversation. And then one message until a pop-up appears. Tap More and tap the little circle on the left to check unwanted message and iMessage attachments. Click the Trash bin to delete iMessage messages and attachments.

After deleting these items, you can go to remove iMessage caches:
1.Tap Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup. Tap Backup Now to backup your iPhone first.
2.Tap Settings > iCloud, turn off the button for Documents & Data. Tap Settings >iCloud >Storage & Backup > Backup Now to backup your iPhone without backup documents and data.

3.Tap Settings > General > Reset and Eraser all content and settings. Set up your iPhone by tapping Restore iPhone from a Backup. Navigate to Choose backup and choose the latest iCloud backup to restore your iPhone.

If you unwilling to reset your iPhone, in addition of the above ways, you can also use a 3rd party tool iPhone iPad Data Eraser to selectively delete messages and attachments from iPhone permanent with a few click.

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