How to Delete Twitter Posts, Direct Messages and Twitter Accounts

Question 1: How to Delete Direct Message from Twitter app on iPhone

We know that by deleting Direct Message history will in-turn delete the message on the recipients Direct Message inbox. However, we found that this only works on computer, but not on iPhone. We've tried to delete the DM message on iPhone and iPad, but these messages still there when I logged with via computer.

Answer 1: Yes, that's how twitter works. To delete Direct Messages in recipients DM inbox, you can log in your twitter and delete DM via a computer. However, it doesn’t work for Twitter app on iPhone, which means if you delete DR on iPhone Twitter app inbox, you only remove them from your iPhone, but they still exist.

How to Delete Direct Message from Twitter app on iPhone

Step 1. Tap Twitter app on iPhone to launch it.
Step 2. Hold the message or conversion you want to delete for a second.
Step 3. Tap Delete or Delete conversation

In addition, someone tell us that there are some usful tool like Tweet Cleaner can help quickly search and delete Tweets on iPhone. Tweet Cleaner is a new iPhone app that lets you easily delete Tweets from your Twitter account. You can also easily search your timeline by keyword or date, making it easy to find the exact Tweet you may be looking for. Furthermore, Twitter only allows you see your last 3200 Tweets, but Tweet Cleaner will store older Tweets, allowing you to have your own personal archive. The first time you use it, Tweet Cleaner will load your last 3200 Tweets, then keep adding more Tweets every time you launch it.

Question 2: How to delete post made on twitter on the iPhone?

Answer 2: tap the Twitter icon on your iPhone to launch it. Go to Menu and tap Profile. Find and tap the tweet you want to delete. Tap the trash can icon at the bottom of the Tweet and a message will pop up with the option to cancel. Tap Delete Tweet.

Question 3: How to delete my twitter account using twitter iPhone app?

Answer 3: to be clearly, Twitter doesn’t allow you to completely delete your Twitter account from iPhone. You can only remove the account from your iPhone and delete it permanently through your computer. 

Steps to deactivate your account:

1. Sign in to twitter.com on the web. 
2. Go to your Account settings and click on Deactivate my account at the bottom of the page.
3. Read the account deactivation information. Click Okay, fine, deactivate account.  
4. Enter your password when prompted and verify that you want to deactivate your account.
Note: To deactivate your Twitter account, please visit Twitter Support Center>>

Steps are for how to delete a Twitter account on iPhone:

Step 1. Tap Settings and scroll down to find Twitter. Tap on Twitter and later tap on your Twitter name.
Step 2. Tap Delete Account at the bottom. In the pop up, confirm the deletion by pressing Delete Account.

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