4 Easy Ways to Clean Up iPhone Space

If you are using the version of 16G iPhone, will definitely run into this problem! Only took a few pictures, download some APP, to be reminded: the memory space is not enough! ! Obviously buy a new iPhone ah!

Where is the problem? Your storage space, this may be the killer stole four spatial light up!

First: Photo doubt!
Clean up "Camera Roll"! Your photos are far more in proportion to think about! To free up space, and sometimes you need a ton output capacity, the picture delete delete delete. Now a lot of network disk, you can save to the photo above. Moreover, not all look than a lot of photos, and then it dusty? To delete photos on iPhone permanently,even no data recovery in market can get them back,this use guide may show you the use guide to delete iPhone photos permanently.

Second: Invisible Memory Thief: APP Cache
Especially games and micro-channel will cache a bunch of pictures and information, allowing you to quickly open the next time! Side effects, seizure of your memory! Its presentation and data size even bigger than APP! See how you want to expel what APP? In Settings> General> Usage, each occupied space undetected app! However,this use guide can teach you how to remove App Caches permanentnly

Third: Safari browser cache
Apple's built-in browser, use special techniques to clear the cache! Settings> Safari> Clear History and site data, but also a big iPhone available space!

Fourth: completion of the above steps, the memory is not enough?
Regret not buying 16GB ... then there is a large eat memory is the system itself. No good way, direct brush system, of course, before you make contacts, APP, photographs, and all backed up to iCloud first. Finally, the iPhone heavy brush, then use iCloud restore, get! Storage space is released!

Well is not enough! ? ...You can use a professional iPhone Data Eraser tool to erase all data on your iPhone permanently,then speed up your iPhone easily.


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