Ereae Deleted iPhone Contacts, Permanent Remove All Contacts from iPhone

Part 1: iOS News: iPhone Calculator Appears Bug
Part 2: How to Ereae Deleted Contacts, Permanent Remove All Contacts On iPhone
Part 3: More Related Tutorials


iOS News: iPhone Calculator Appears Bug

Recently, the network spread a message, saying that Apple's iOS system, Apple has already closed down a foot wrong. The user opens the iPhone comes with a calculator application, enter 77-38.5 or 75-37.5, if get results equal to 0, it shows that the presence of this iPhone bug, you can apply to the designated repair replaced with new machines.

Many users open immediately after seeing iPhone calculator tried it, and found that indeed there is a problem, so inquire about replacement processes. Take it easy, this is actually someone just tell you a joke of it.

These users find that enter in the calculator 77-38.5, and then press equals, you can see 38.5 on the screen, then press again, it really was zero. In fact, the results of the originally 77-38.5 is 38.5, so the first time you see is correct according to equal results, but a lot of people think that they do not press the equal sign, so they pressed a button, which is equivalent to a reduction by 38.5 again 38.5, the results of the course is equivalent to 0! Similarly, 75-37.5 is the truth.

   This little incident has once again proved to everyone, do not believe rumors network!


How to Ereae Deleted Contacts, Permanent Remove All Contacts On iPhone

"I want to resell my old iPhone 5S on eBay, however, how can I delete all of my contacts on my iPhone without restore, so as to ensure that my private data stays that way, any one who can give me a help please?"

Due to the constant change in the iOS Smartphone technology easily nowadays, Apple’s iPhone keeps getting upgrades and most iPhone users can’t wait to choose upgrading to the latest version, which means that you will leave your old iPhone behind, passing it on to someone else, or sell it and purchase a new one, another reason is that it might have been regularly damaged or crashed and you no longer use it. But no matter what your reason is, ensuring that contacts were permanently erased is a very significant thing you have to do first before selling your old iPhone device, if you won’t do it first, your information isn’t potentially secure and protected, some criminals can easily get your contacts and target your money, access to your personal information, identity, so, you have to permanently erase contacts from iPhone before selling it.

To delete contacts on iPhone permanently,you must to use a third-part iPhone contact eraser tool - iPhone Data Eraser program,which allows you eraser already deleted contacts or all contacts from iPhone permanently,once you wipe data on iPhone with the help of this iPhone data eraser tool,not any data recovery software can restore those deleted data again,even you can’t restored those deleted contacts on iPhone.What’s more,this iPhone data eraser tool also can help you wipe other iPhone data permanently,inclduing text messages, photos, videos, Apps, music,ect.


What You Should Do Before Wiping Your iPhone Contacts:

1. Backup data from iPhone to PC or iTunes.
2. After installation, run iPhone Data Eraser on your computer.
3. Connect your iPhone via USB cable to your computer.

Part 1: Permanent Deletion Of Previous Deleted Contacts On Your iPhone

Step 1. Click "Erase Deleted Files" in the left sidebar

Step 2. Click "Start Scan" to start analyzing and scanning the data on your device.

Step 3. After scanning, select the deleted data to view detailed information on the file. By default, all files will be selected, here we just mark the "Contacts" option.

Step 4. Erase the files selected by clicking "Erase Now". You will be prompted to type the word ‘delete’ to confirm the permanent deletion of the data.

Part 2: Permanent Delete All Contacts from iPhone

Step 1. Choose the right option on your device

First, choose "Erase All Data" on the side panel. After that, key in the word "delete" and press the button "Erase Now". This is to make sure that you have make up your mind but not click it accidently.

Note: There are three choices available for you to delete your data. Among the "High, Medium, Low", you are recommended to choose the "Medium" level, which takes the moderate time in deleting.

When the deleting process is over, your iPhone will become a completely new iPhone. You can import the data that you previously backed up to your iPhone and enjoy it as you wish.


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  1. These are very important steps we need to do before selling an Iphone. Usually some people do not care about the data which is in Iphone. They just import the contacts and leave the message as it is. but this is not good to leave any of your information in the phone.It is better to erase all data from your Iphone and if you don't know how to delete it then google is always there to help us. but be secure in any situation.

  2. Why don't you learn proper English before you try posting "helpful" comments? Nothing you say makes any sense whatsoever.

  3. Good share. Of course there is another choice to recover deleted/lost photos, videos, contacts, notes, messages. It is a common and well used software to recover iPhone/iPad/iPod data. It only takes several steps to get Backup iphone contacts and data.