How to Clean Up More Space On iPhone 7 Plus (Speed Up iPhone 7)

As we all know, no matter what the phone is used for a long time there will be garbage generated, iPhone is no exception.
Although iPhone 7 Plus will come at 32GB at least, if we want to have a smooth running, we should free up our iPhone 7 Plus usually.

If you have also encountered the problem that the speed of your iPhone 7 Plus has become slower, naturally you will feel bad. It is not difficult to clean up the garbage files.
Actually, once you get familiar with the iPhone cleaning up process.

Today I will guide you how to clean up iPhone fast and free up more space by Dr.Fone for iOS. Dr.Fone for iOS is a excellent software. Not only Dr.Fone can help you erase your privacy and others data, but also it can recover iOS data, fix iOS system, backup & restore iOS data, etc. And it will guarantee your data is 100% security. The following article will guide you how to speed up your iPhone.


Steps to Clean Up More Space On iPhone 7 Plus (Speed Up iPhone 7)

Step 1. Connect your device

First, connect your iPhone to computer via a digital cable. Then launch Dr.Fone for iOS and choose "More Tools" on the left menu. And click "iOS Private Data Eraser" from tools in the window.

Step 2. Scan the data on your device

When the program recognize your device, click "Start Scan" to scan your data. This process will last for a while.

Step 3. Preview and erase the data

Once the scan process completed, the program will display you the scanned result. You can preview the data, such as photos, messages, call history, etc. Check what data you don't need and then click on the "Erase from the Device" button to clean them. Since the cleaned data can't be recovered again, the program will confirm your operation. You just need to enter "delete" to and click "Erase now".

Step 4. Erase your data

Now the program will erase your iPhone automatically. When the process completed, your iPhone will run faster. During the erase process, you can read a magazine or take a cup of coffee. Once the process completed, the program will display you "Erase Completed".

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