iPad Data Wiper - How to Permanent Erase Photos Videos from iPad

With the increasing performance of iPhone iPad camera, many users tend to shoot by using the iPhone iPad instead of the camera. Mobile shooting include image shooting and video shooting, brought us a lot of convenience and fun. However, this year, more and more content such as user privacy videos, pictures and more was stolen, and through the Internet has been widely spread.

For example, in recent days, another Pornographic incident exposed. Suspected hackers use Apple iCloud cloud system vulnerabilities, many of the world's illegal to steal a popular actress nude, and then published in the online forums. Due to the impact of all the world's celebrities, Oscar Houlaolunsi recognize true after photographs so that these number about three hundred Pornographic rapid spread, despite the relevant social networking site has exhausted blocking method published nude photos of the user, but can not be the slightest Pornographic prevent the spread of speed, the situation is out of control.

What's more, the privacy of the picture there are many international stars, such as the popular singer Rihanna, Canadian small days Hou Yiwei children, actress Scarlett - Johnson, Depp fiancee Yimei Bo - Hilde, "High School Musical" actress Vanessa - Huggins, "Superman Returns" actress Kate - Bosworth like. In other words, a new wave of crisis may at any time struck nude, bound to cause an uproar, and can be expected that these actresses will be on tenterhooks, fearing it might become the next victim. A total of 101 this list actress, has been exposed has 17, while the unexposed have 84.
With the introduction of a new generation of products, such as iPad mini3 replace the iPad mini, iPad Air 2 replaces the iPad Air and so on, many users choose to re-purchase of a new higher performance of the iPad, and then sell the old iPad. The vast majority of users will realize the importance of protecting the privacy of personal information, they will delete some important or private information such as video, pictures, contacts, text messages, etc. from iPad, however, you may not know, the general removed, including restore factory settings can not be completely deleted iPad information. The deleted file data may being restored by some professional data recovery softwares. Even it may used by some malicious people at any time.

Fortunately, to permanent erase all data from iPad, you just need an all-in-one data wiping tool, iPad Data Wiper. iPad Data Wiper also known as iOS Data Eraser, which is welcomed by a large number of people owning to its powerful functions and easy-to-use feature. It is capable of erasing all photos on iPad without restored. What's more, this iOS Data Eraser also allows you wipe all iPad photos,videos permanently without recovered, such as videos, music, contacts, text messages, account information, passwords, etc. With only 3 steps, all the video files on your iPad will be gone forever at one. iPad Data Eraser is compatible with iPad, iPad 2, The new iPad, iPad mini/mini2/mini3 with Retina display, iPad Air/Air 2 and other iOS devices like iPhone and iPod.

Click the below buttons to free download a trial version and have a try now.


Note: In order you can restore the data you may still need, we strongly recommend you to backup data from iPad before the wiping program.

How to Permanent Wipe Your iPad Photos and Videos with iPad Data Eraser

* Erase Private Data from iPad: this options enables you to deleted data, Safari cache, Safari history, Safari Cookies, Keyboard cache, message attachments, messages, call history, notes and photos.

Step 1. Click "Erase Private Data" in the left column.
Step 2. Click on the "Start Scan" button to analyze and scan the data on your iPad.
Step 3. Once the scan is complete, select items listed under Private Data to view data details.
Step 4. Click the box beside the data types you’d like to erase.

Step 5. Click "Erase Now" to delete the selected data.

* Erase Deleted Files from iPad: Some deleted files still exist on your iPad. This option is developed to wipe deleted iPad data. Supported files are iMessage, contacts, call history, facetime, calendar, reminders, notes, safari bookmarks, photos, and videos.

Step 1. Delete the unwanted photos or videos on your iPad firstly.
Step 2. Launch the program, connect your iPad and click "Erase Deleted Files" in the left column.
Step 3. Click "Start Scan" to start analyzing and scanning the data on your iPad. After scanning – select the previous deleted photos and videos to view detailed information on the file.
Step 4. By default, all files will be selected. Unselect the files you wish to keep.

Step 5. Erase the files selected by clicking "Erase Now". You will be prompted to type the word ‘delete’ to confirm the permanent deletion of the data.

* Erase All Data on iPad Permanent: this option is designed for users who need to erase iPad to sell or give iPad away. All files, including Apple ID, call history, apps, email, calendar, reminder, notes, and more will be securely wipe. After using this option to securely erase iPad, your iPad will be a new one with no personal data on it. 

Step 1. Click “Erase All Data” Mode
Step 2. Choose the security level to erase all the data on your iPad
Step 3. Erase all the data on your iPad completely. You will be prompted to type the word ‘delete’ to confirm the permanent deletion of the data.


iPad Data Eraser Mac, How To Permanent Wipe iPad Data On Mac

 New Dynamic Information 

iPhone 6/iPad Air and more upgrade to iOS 9 Beta 2, the deleted applications and some deleted data still recoverability.

Recently, Apple officially push the iOS9 Beta2, OS X El Capitan Beta2 and watchOS 2 Beta2 system updates.

In addition to bug fixes, performance improvements and functional details of optimization improvements, some users upgrading from iOS9 Beta1 to Beta2 in the process, also found another new feature, which for low-memory version of the iPhone, iPad users, it is absolutely a good news.

When you install the update process encountered "memory full" situation, will directly pop up a dialog box, users can click "Allow delete application" option, you can make iOS automatically deleted to make room for some applications already, and then complete the update installation.

When the update installation is complete, the application will be deleted automatically re-installed, in which personal data is not lost.

iOS9 in terms of reduced memory consumption no less hard, in addition to the above features, it also comes with a default Swift runtime, developers no longer have built in each application; support "App Thinning", the user can download only adaptation the current application data devices.

 How To Permanent Erase iPad Data On Mac With The iPad Data For Mac 

With the continuous upgrade of iOS, some user experience has been improved, users can even recover lost data from iPad and iPhone through the system's build-in features. However, for users who wanting to selling or giving away theirs iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, it's more and more difficult to completely erase some personal and private data from iDevice(s). Because you can easily restore with a click, or using a recovery tool. To protect your privacy, before you sell or give away your iOS device, you should remove your personal information. So, for a Mac user, how to permanent erase iPad data on Mac without restore?

Conventional Operation Methods for iPad Data Wiping

1. Back up your device.
2. Tap Settings > iCloud. Scroll down and tap Sign Out. In iOS 7 or earlier, tap Delete Account.
3. Tap Sign Out again, then tap Delete from My iPhone and enter your password. 
Go back to Settings and tap General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings*. In 4. iOS 7 or later with Find My iPhone turned on, you'll need your Apple ID and password.
5. If asked for your device passcode or Restrictions passcode, enter it. Then, tap Erase [device].
6. Contact your carrier for guidance on transferring service to a new owner. If you aren't using a SIM card with your device, you can contact them to get help transferring service to the new owner.

Note: You shouldn't manually delete your contacts, calendars, reminders, documents, photo streams, or any other iCloud data while you're signed in to your iCloud account. This would delete your content from the iCloud servers and any of your devices signed in to iCloud.

More Secure Reliable and Reassuring Choice - iPad Data Eraser (Wins/Mac)

iPad Data Eraser / iPad Data Eraser for Mac
Free Up Space on iPad, Erase All Data or Erase Deleted/Private Files from iPhone, iPad and iPod touch Permanently, with 0% Recoverability

* Completely & Permanently Erase Data on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
* Wipe EVERYTHING from iDevices: contacts, messages, photos, videos, apps, account info, passwords and other personal data stored on iDevices.
* Meets Mil-spec DOD 5220 - 22 M standard for permanent data destruction; prevents personal data from being recoverable.
* Erase Deleted Files: Pictures, Videos, Calls, SMS. Making Them Unrecoverable
* Keep your personal information inaccessible to others, permanently remove it with iPhone Data Eraser prior to disposing of your old iDevice.

Before wiping your iPad on Mac, you'd better backup iPad data to computer firstly, then you can click the below buttons to download and install a trial version on your computer, after that, launch the erased program and connect your iPad to PC via its USB cable.


Steps to Permanent Erase Private iPad Data on Mac

Step 1. Click "Erase Private Data" in the left sidebar. In the window on the right, you can see what kind of files can be erased.
Step 2. Click "Start" button to analyze and scan the private data on your iPad.
Step 3. When the scan is completed, all the private data is listed. You can check them to view details.

Step 4. Check the unwanted data and click "Erase Now". In the prompt, type the word "Delete" to confirm the deletion.

Steps to Permanent Erase Deleted iPad Data on Mac

Step 1. Click "Erase Deleted Files" in the left sidebar.
Step 2. Click "Start" button to scan for deleted files.
Step 3. Check the files you want to remove permanently from your iPad and click "Erase Now". In the prompt, type the word "delete" to confirm the deletion.

Steps to Permanent Erase All iPad Data on Mac

Step 1. Click "Erase All Data" in the left column.
Step 2. Choose the security level to erase all the data on your iPad.
Step 3. Erase all the data on your iPad.

Step 4. Once deletion is complete, you will see the Completed screen, click "Done"

For Windows users, you can read the detialed guide from:

 Supported Devices 

 iPhone   iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus
 iPad       iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 2, iPad 1, iPad 2, The new iPad, iPad with Retina Display, iPad mini
 iPod       iPod touch 4, iPod touch 5


iPhone Reminder Eraser, Permanent Delete Reminder On iPhone iPad Without Restore

What's the use of Reminder?

In our daily life or work, there are so many things to do, every day we have been surrounded by all kinds of trivial or important things, for example, wedding anniversary, meetings, interviews and so on, sometimes we even have forgotten to do, so we need memorandum or Notepad to help us to record the things we need to do, so as to remind us when we need to do what.

How to create a Reminder on your iPhone and iPad?

Part 1: How to create a Reminder on your iPhone and iPad

1. Launch the Reminders app from the Home screen of your iPhone or iPad.
2. Find the reminder you'd like to add an alert to or create a new one.
3. Tap the grey arrow to the right of the reminder.
4. Now tick On the option for Remind Me On a Day.
5. Fill out the information for when you'd like to be reminded and then tapDone in the upper right hand corner.

Part 2: How to add a time based alert to a reminder on iPhone and iPad

Part 3: How to add a location based alert to a reminder on iPhone and iPad

Part 4: How to change the priority of a reminder on iPhone and iPad

How to Restore Lost/Deleted Reminder from iPhone iPad iPod

iOS Data Recovery or iOS Data Recovery (Mac) only cost you a short time to do calendar recovery. The program will scan your iDevice(s) or iTunes/iCloud backup, then allows you to restore your calendar by previewing the files precisely. You are also allowed to restore lost or deleted data like contacts, messages, photos, notes, calendars, call history, videos, WhatsApp messages and more from iOS 5 to iOS 9 no matter you are using iPhone 7, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5S, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3, iPod touch 5 and any other iOS devices.

Steps to directly restore deleted reminder from iPhone iPad and iPod

Step 1. Launch the recovery program and connect your device to the PC via its USB cable.

Step 2. Click Start Scan button to scan your iPhone iPad or iPod. This will take you a few seconds. 
Step 3. When the scan ends, preview the found files. Find reminder or calendar, tick them and click "Recover" to get them back.

How to Permanent Delete Reminder on iPhone iPad & iPod Touch

Don't take it for granted that the reminders gone forever after you deleting them on your iPhone manually. The fact is, though you have deleted them, they still exist on your iPhone, but invisible and labeled as "ready to be overwritten". With a professional recovery tool, like iOS Data Recovery being introduced above, you'll recover deleted reminders on iPad iPhone or iPod successfully. If you want to permanently delete a reminder or a remind list from your iPhone or iPad, you’re strongly recommended to use iOS Data Eraser or iOS Data Eraser for Mac. The military standard technology will ensure you of making deleted reminders on iPhone iPad and iPod touch gone forever. Download the free trial version to have a try!


Note: No matter the data you want to erase still need or not, you'd better backup data from iPhone iPad to PC before wipe it, the iOS Data Recovery is a well-known iPhone iPad iPod data transfer tool can help switching your data from iOS device to computer for backup.
Step 1 Delete reminders on your iPhone iPad or iPod touch first.

Step 2 Download and install the iOS Data Eraser or iOS Data Eraser for Mac on your PC.

Step 3 Launch the program and connect your device to PC via its USB cable.

Step 3 Once detected, click on "Erase Deleted Files" on the left sidebar, then click "Start Scan" on the right of window to scan for deleted reminders on your iPhone iPad or iPod touch.

Step 4 Permanently delete reminder from iPhone iPad or iPod touch.

Step 5 Once deletion is complete, the window will display "Successfully erased".

Note: files on iTunes will also be automatically erased ensuring the data is also unrecoverable via iTunes.


How to Delete Contacts from iPhone Permanently Before Selling

“How can I PERMANENTLY delete all contacts from my iPhone 5 and sell it? I’ve tried contact—>edit—>delete and it takes it off the main contacts list, but everytime I begin to type in a name to start a text message that starts wih the first letter in either of those persons first names their whole contact shows up… I WANT THEM GONE!!! lol Please help me!!”

How to delete contacts from iPhone? In order to own a new iPhone, lots of iPhone fans will exchange their old iPhone to others. But the old iPhone often contains so many your personal information in the memory card. Nowadays, more and more iPhone fans may want to buy iPhone 6/6 Plus, it is believe that there are many iPhone users have plan to sell their old iPhone in hand and then proceed with new equipment. So, before you resell your old iPhone device, after all, you should know how to erase contacts permanently to protect the personal privacy going away.

Maybe you have deleted many contacts on our iPhone you don’t want, but the deleted contacts still store in your iPhone but you can’t found them. Actually, if you have give away your iPhone to others, someone can also recover the deleted contacts and more other deleted data on your old iPhone by iPhone Data Recovery software.

So, in order to erase all contacts from your iPhone permanently, we recommend you the 3rd party iPhone Data Eraser software tool. This software provide you the easiest way to erase your deleted contacts on iPhone directly, and 100% safety can’t be found forever.

Now, please download the free trail version and have a try.


How to Delete Your Contacts on iPhone Permanently?

Step 1. Delete the contacts on your iPhone you don’t want

Step 2.Install iPhone Data Eraser and connect your iPhone to the computer

Install iPhone Data Eraser on your computer and launch it. Connect your iPhone with your computer via its USB cable. You can see your iPhone will be detected by the program.

Step 3.Scan the deleted data on your iPhone

After you choose “Erase Deleted Data”, click “Star” to analyzing and scanning the data on your device.

Step 4.Select the contacts you want to delete permanently

Step 5.Click “Erase now” to delete the contacts permanently

Note:100% safely and nothing recoverable forever.
Free download the iOS Data Eraser:


Above is the easy method how to delete contacts from iPhone, and hope that will be use for all the iOS device users.

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How to Delete Photos from iPhone Before Selling

If you plan to sell the old iPhone,make sure your pictures are not being stolen after selling the iPhone. However,you must to erase all photos on iPhone with a professional Data Eraser tool.

As we all know,as a photograph lover who are holding an iPhone, you must have taken a great number of photos with the small gadget. But there are some situations you may encounter that bring with the need of deleting these photos permanently. For example, you have taken lots of private pictures and not you want to delete them off because you want to give the old iPhone away. Or maybe because you want to donate or resell your old iPhone, but you don’t want others to see the photos you saved on it.

Erase All Photos on Your iPhone Permanently

An easy way to solve this problem is to delete all of the photos manually. However, this method is not safe as it seems. Actually, those deleted iPhone photos are still stored on the device unless new data is written to the same piece of storage. The photos can be restored with the help of certain data recovery software. To delete the photos permanently, you should use iPhone Data Eraser instead. iOS Data Eraser is a powerful and easy-to-use data wiping program designed for the purpose of data deletion on iOS based devices. It’s the ultimate solution to erase iPhone pictures permanently and the data is no longer recoverable.


Supported devices:iPhone 6/5S/5C/4S/4/3GS, iPad, iPad Mini and iPod Touch.

Step by step to wipe all photos on iPhone before selling:

Step 1: Connect iPhone to Computer and Run iOS Eraser Software

After doing the necessary backup, you can begin to erase your iPhone now. Just run the installed iPhone Data Eraser on your computer, connect your iPhone with a USB cable to the same computer. Then, you will encounter with the “Select Type” window, from which you should choose the option of ERASE ALL DATA ON DEVICE (including messages, contacts, call history, notes, personal account info, passwords, and other personal data).

Step 2: Choose a suitable data erasing lever

Next, the new data erasing lever window will pop up, providing you with 3 different iPhone erasing levers: Low – Medium – High. Just select the default medium level and continue to erase all data and settings on your iPhone..

Step 3: Start to erase iPhone photos permanently

Now you can click the button of “Start” to begin the iPhone data erasing procedure. The process will take you a while. When the process is complete, please restart your device, which is a totally new device now. All of the previous data were deleted permanently and no data recovery software can get the data back. So it’s absolutely safe to sell the device to someone else in the world. Just try this powerful iOS Data Eraser Program, all of your private picutres will cleared permanently and thoroughly.

Free download the ios data eraser software:


Tips: It’s a fairly reasonable thing to want to delete all data from iPhone to clear up some space. To do so, you need to rely on a third-party data eraser: iPhone Data Eraser. In a few quick and simple steps you can slim down your camera roll to just the shots you want to keep.

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