How to Delete iPhone Videos Permanently Free Up Space

iPads and iPhones don’t have file systems you can see, but there are still apps and files,those video file takes up a lot of storage space, to free up space on your iPhone and iPad,the best way you can do is deleting Music, Videos, Photos, and Other Media Files Permanently.

In additional,before selling the old iPhone/iPad,to erase videos on iPhone permanently without restore is very necessary,many people take photos and videos with iPhone or iPad,it records your life everything.However,before selling or give away your ios devices,please remember to delete videos and photos on iPhone permanently,and no one can restore them with the professional iOS Data Recovery software in market after your selling them.
Erase Deleted Videos, Photos on iPhone and iPad Permanently

To wipe all videos on iPhone without restore,you must to use a third party iPhone iPad Video Eraser. Today,we recommend you use this iPhone iPad Data Eraser software,which not only can help you delete videos from iPhone 6/5s/5/4s/4, iPad permanently,but also allows you erase other data on ios devices,including contacts, photos, notes, call history, Apple ID, App cache,ect.
This iPhone video removal tool lets you delete all movies on your iPhone with only 4 clicks.

Free download the ios data eraser tool at first:


Erase Both Deleted and Existing Videos, Pictures on iPhone

This mode protects your privacy by cleaning the personal information such as photos, messages and so forth.

Step 1. Launch iPhone Data Eraser on your computer or Mac

Run the program on your PC and then get the iPhone connected to it. If this is first connection, you will see this interface, which means you can now go to the handset and tap “Trust”. After this the computer can get access to your data and phone settings.

Then, choose “Erase Private Data” on the left side.

Step 2. Scan for iPhone Files and Clean Them up

Click “Start Scan” in the middle so that iPhone Data Eraser can search the private files. The result can be seen like this.

Please be aware that the images in the home directory can be previewed while those under “Deleted Data” can not. Tick both of them and click “Erase Now”. And when it is finished, press “Done”.

Free download the iOS Data Eraser to wipe all videos and photos on iPhone permanently:


Tips: The ios data eraser program allows you erase apps, music, videos, photo, contacts, SMS and other files stored on the device. It only takes a few minutes to complete the task.
Before erase data with this ios data eraser software,you can use this Phone Transfer to backup those important contents to the computer and keep safe.

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