How To Delete Application On iPhone iPad

"I am having trouble getting rid of some of my iPhone apps permanently. It would be fully appreciated if you can help me solve the problem, help please!"

"My son often use my cell phone to play games since I bought a new iPhone 6 Plus, and installed many unused applications on my iPhone, is there any ways to help deleting all this unused apps at once?"

It may be an odd question to ask, but some iPhone users wonder whether there is any way to delete their apps, without the risk of being recovered. Actually, we do have a means to do this. This guide is written for these two kinds of men (We don’t judge.):

(1) Apple fans that have purchased a long list of apps and got their phone storage taken up.
(2) People who are afraid that their embarrassing or adult apps will be seen one day.

I'm sure a lot of iPhone iPad users might be looking for this much needed information about how to delete apps on iPhone iPad right now. Keep in mind that these apps can take up a lot of space on your device, so this article aims to teach you how to delete apps that you no longer use or need to improve the performance of your iPhone iPad.
iOS Data Eraser is such a powerful tool for iPhone iPad and iPod touch users to delete unnecessary apps, the deleted apps can not be recover any longer. It can permanently and thoroughly remove apps on iPhone, as well as iPad and iPod touch with ease.

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Tutorial: How to Delete Application on Your iPhone iPad

Preparatory Work

1. After installation, run iOS Data Recovery on your computer. 
2. Connect your iPhone or iPad via USB cable to your computer. 
3. Once your device is recognized, the main window will pop up as the picture below.

Part 1. Uninstall Unused Applications On iPhone iPad

Step 1. Click Unused App Eliminator in the left sidebar. In the window on the right, click Start to let he program scan for your apps that you haven’t used for at least 30 days. It only takes a few second for iOS Data Eraser to finish the scan process.

Step 2. After scanning, in the result page, all apps that you haven’t used for 30 days will be listed with its name, its data size and the date of last used.

Check the apps you will not use any more and click Uninstall at the bottom of the window to uninstall it. After clicking Uninstall, a pop-up will warn you that the app might contain some important data. If you’re sure that you need to continue the process, click Continue to uninstall the app.

Note: When the uninstall process is finished, the window will show you how much space you’ve saved by uninstalling the app.

Part 2. Permanent Delete Applications On iPhone iPad Without Restore

Step 1. Click 'Delete All Data' in the left sidebar of the program. Choose the security level to erase all the data on your device.

Important: The feature 'Delete All Data' will not only deleting apps from your iPhone iPad, but other personal information, like contacts, photos, videos, call history, mail, facetime, reminder, notes, and more, setting your iPhone iPad as a new device with its original settings. If need to keep your personal information, you'd better backup data from iPhone iPad to PC or iTunes before wiping your device.

Step 2. On the right, type 'delete' in the box as required. And then click 'Erase Now' to let the program delete apps for your iPhone or iPad.

Note: Please remember that during the deleting process, keep your iPhone iPad connected. It might take you a few minutes to finish the whole process. When the deletion is completed, click 'Done'.

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