How to Delete Apps On iPhone 6/6 Plus/5S/5/4S

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iPhone info :

Essential skills: how to ensure that stolen iPhone can look back after

Surely if fans know to use Find My iPhone feature can recover lost / stolen iOS device. But only to the thief does not know how to close the Find My iPhone feature, or thief simply did not handle iOS device, retrieve the chance is rather large. If your device is stolen an iOS device users (please allow me not to call them "fruit fans"), I believe the first thing Ta succeeded is to close after the requested location services, and then delete the Find My iPhone applications, Find My iPhone or modify the accounts and even direct brush machine, you'll no longer be able to recover your device up.
So, how can further ensure the thief succeeded, we can also find the equipment back? The following methods may be able to help you, but I think very effective.
Step one: Open "Settings - General - Access Restrictions - Enable access restrictions" where to enter a four-digit password (highly recommended not to and as your lock screen password), and then "Delete Application" disabled. This step can be avoided after the thief succeeded simply delete your Find My iPhone application.

Step two: continue the "access restrictions" in the "Location" service is set to not allow changes, and to ensure that the bottom of the "Find My iPhone" service was "open" state. This step allows the thief can not succeed after close GPS location services. 

The third step: Still in the "access restrictions" in the "Account" is set to not allow changes to avoid thief replace Find My iPhone account, this feature allows you device is not valid.

Step Four: Give your iOS device to set a lock screen password (please note not to "access restrictions" as the password). The method is in "Settings - General - Password Lock" password to open themselves to set a lock screen password. This prevents thieves for the first time into the device to view your data / content.

After you do this a few steps, and then if your iOS device is stolen or lost, the other I am afraid it can only try to re-brush machine (recovery firmware), and in the Brush before, as long as your device is connected to the network, looking back odds great. And when the normal means of brush will still require a password, it can only be restored in DFU mode, although it is not sure the thief will not play DFU mode, but at least added some difficulty to Ta bar.

How to Delete Apps On iPhone 6/6 Plus/5S/5/4S

So, it finally happened.

After weeks of downloading every moderately promising app, your iPhone is now beginning to act wonky. It takes you 20 swipes to navigate from one screen to the last, and you have just enough free space to fit in one last Instagram shot before your phone goes kaput.

This is where you’ll have to step in and manually remove apps from your phone.

Thankfully, like most things in iOS, removing apps is pretty painless. You won’t need to fiddle with anything technical to delete apps and free up space (for more apps, of course!). In fact, the same process applies to removing apps from all iOS devices, including the iPad and iPad Mini.

Yes, indeed. Read through this guide and you’ll know it. We provide you the best way to delete apps on iPhone permanently. All you need to do are downloading a program and doing a few clicks with your mouse.

iPhone Data Eraser is the one mentioned above. It can remove any junk files including unwanted apps on iPhone 5s/5c/5/4s/4 and other iDevices. More importantly, the data that are cleaned up by this application can never be recovered, even with iPhone Data Recovery.


Steps to delete apps on iPhone 6/6 Plus/5S/5/4S

Step 1.Connect your iPhone to computer

The information of your device—the name, the version of iOS and others, will be displayed.

Step 2.Make Sure that You Want to Delete All the Apps

See that side bar on the left? The fifth one-"Erase All Data" would be your choice. Once again, you should know that this software erase not only iPhone apps but also other things like system settings, so do remember to back up your device. Now, enter the word "delete" as is prompted. And press the "Erase Now" button.

Step 3.Start to earse Apps on your device now

Step 4.Use your device as a new one


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